Tritek multi-tasking chair by Global Furniture

Ergo Select... Choose the components and chair design that best suit you...and create your "perfect chair". A complete ergonomic seating line from Global Furniture with over 27 different models. Tritek Ergo Select offers more choices than typical seating lines, allowing users to select seating that is tailored to individual size, preference and task while maintaining consistency throughout the workplace. The line is designed to meet the needs of as many users as possible, offering a choice of seat cushion sizes to suit the user's height, a choice of backrest sizes to suit the user's needs, and a choice of mechanisms to allow the user to perform their tasks in comfort.
Our clients
OBURO has carried out many office furniture projects. A number of business owners have started their companies and evolved with us over the years. We have acquired the experience to guide you and meet your needs, whatever the scope of your office furniture project.