About Us


We accompany customers to make their work environment more efficient, ergonomic, aesthetic and productive. We analyze their needs and present solutions that respect their budget and timeline. We also advise them on the benefits of ergonomics and highlight new design trends that make work environments more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

At OBURO, we work with you to optimize the ergonomic aspect of your work environment, but also to set up standards programs and facilitate the LEED accreditation process. We help you to control costs, optimize employee performance and resolve issues related to the workspace design and layout.
Our Signature
  • Custom consulting
  • Analysis of your needs
  • Tailored design & layout plan
  • Information and advice about ergonomic accessories
  • Optimized product use
  • Supplying temporary furniture, if needed
  • Visual presentation of projects
  • Buy-back option for old equipment
  • Delivery and installation that respect your restrictions
  • Project management from A to Z
Our Goal
Our ultimate aim is to build a lasting business relationship with you that is based on respect, and to become a privileged business partner whom you can rely on at all times. We want to proactively contribute to your success and to achieving your goals, by providing the tools and support that you need, as your organization evolves and faces new challenges.
Our Commitment
Our commitment to you is simple, yet paramount. We will give you the attention you need, regardless of the size of your business. Rest assured that you will be treated with respect and professionalism, and that we will be available to provide all the support you need. We have a common goal: to build an enjoyable workspace for your team.
Our clients
OBURO has carried out many office furniture projects. A number of business owners have started their companies and evolved with us over the years. We have acquired the experience to guide you and meet your needs, whatever the scope of your office furniture project.