Office Layout Consulting Service

Oburo's multi-disciplinary team offers a wide array of Office Layout Consulting services, from measure taking, 2D and 3D plans, selection of the appropriate styles and coordination with suppliers including for made to measure office furniture, we are at your service.

OBURO’s team understands that customer service is of utmost importance. This is our greatest strength. And good service begins with skilled and experienced employees. Our employees make up the entire customer service team – we do not rely on the help of third party contractors.
Our Method
At OBURO, we work so that each project is unique and perfectly matched to your business. In order to fully understand the environment in which you operate, one of our representatives will go to your location to identify your needs, to become familiar with your workspace and to take appropriate action. A professional, personalized and friendly interview will allow us to confidently put your ideas into practice, while keeping in mind your budget, style, company and tastes.

After our meeting, we suggest that you check out our showroom, and those of our partners, so that you can picture the various products available and try them out. Whatever the size of your project, we always work with our partners to provide a wide range of options and to make your project even more innovative.
OBURO Advantages
Customized Support
Professional advice
Relationships based on trust
Innovative ideas
OBURO’s Specialty
We offer support to our customers, throughout every step of the project. This is OBURO’s greatest strength. We want your company teams to be able to work and grow professionally in an inspiring space that is adapted to your business’ reality.

That’s why don’t simply serve you; we strive to develop, together, a relationship based on trust. And how is this established? By being attentive to your needs, by ensuring that we meet your expectations and answer your questions, and by providing the required support throughout the project, to make your dream becomes a reality.
Our clients
OBURO has carried out many office furniture projects. A number of business owners have started their companies and evolved with us over the years. We have acquired the experience to guide you and meet your needs, whatever the scope of your office furniture project.