Layout Plan

Office Space Design and Layout Plan

High-quality installation solutions first require layout plans, prepared by experienced designers. Whether you need to renovate an existing office or create a new workspace from scratch, it is crucial to have a visual preview of the project.

Oburo offers an Office Layout Design Service that includes 2D and 3D projections, coordination with the various suppliers to insure exact measures, deliveries and installation for a worry free office setup.
About This Service
Thanks to the various technologies available to create 2D and 3D computerized plans, we make sure that you can explore your project before it is even carried out.

We work meticulously to design plans that are perfect representations of reality. From small workspaces to two-story offices, we are able to offer you a realistic and remarkable preview of the final project. During this phase, we also ensure that all items are present, that ergonomic concepts have been taken into account and that the layout meets your expectations, to a tee.
OBURO Advantages
2D and 3D computerized plans
Realistic visualization of your project
Tips from designers
Unique and personalized space
Why choose our service?
Once the plan is approved, we have an in-house delivery team that handles the delivery and installation of your equipment, to ensure an efficient process. Thanks to OBURO professionals, you’ll have a workspace designed to function intelligently and to provide an enviable work environment for your employees. At the end of the process, our team will ensure that the layout corresponds exactly with your initial plans.
Our clients
OBURO has carried out many office furniture projects. A number of business owners have started their companies and evolved with us over the years. We have acquired the experience to guide you and meet your needs, whatever the scope of your office furniture project.