Popcorn multitasking Chair by The Global Group

The Popcorn line, designed by Zooey Chu, is ideal for conference rooms, cafeterias, classrooms, and healthcare spaces - anywhere multipurpose stackable seating is needed. The flexible back and curves of the Popcorn line provide comfort and support, even for extended periods of time. The chair features a 0.5" diameter steel rod frame with no front cross bar for improved leg comfort The wall guard design prevents marks on walls and provides flexibility for tight spaces. The one-piece polypropylene seat-back shell has a cut-out between the back and seat for easy maintenance and a cut-out at the top of the back for easy transportation. Popcorn chairs are very light, starting at only 15 lbs. The polypropylene models stack up to 34 on a 6714 cart, while the upholstered models stack up to 15 (standard 80" door frame). The line comes in ten designer colors with matching armrests. The ten colors of the polypropylene models meet CAL 133 requirements.
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