Healthcare Faeron Lounge Furniture

In addition to wood legs and arm panels, Faeron Lounge healthcare furniture is available with stylish and durable metal legs, in two standard finishes. Faeron’s lifetime warranty is made possible by the use of the most durable and proven materials and finishes. Our renowned system for replaceability of components and upholstery covers enables product life to be substantially extended, allowing furniture to continue looking as new even with years of use. If components become damaged or degraded, they can be replaced, and optional removable upholstery covers allow replacement of worn textiles. This system is also designed to facilitate infection control and cleaning, by providing the ability to dis-assemble the product or remove upholstery covers for cleaning. The use of recycled and recyclable materials, combined with environmentally-friendly production processes and packaging, have made Faeron a level™-certified product, and a contributor to LEED™-driven specifications. Faeron is certified by the Greenguard™ standard for indoor air emissions, and it’s unique capability for extending product life makes it a responsible environmental choice - and one that will provide exceptional return on investment over time.
Our clients
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